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Well, I’m really not happy about my weigh-in this morning.  I went from 216.3 to 218!  That is almost 2 pounds in one day…in the wrong direction!  And if you are wondering, no I did not eat anything that wasn’t Paleo.  My only thought is that I had too much salt in my meals yesterday.  I don’t think I had 2 pounds worth…but that is the only thing I can think of.  Here’s is hoping that my body is gearing up for a big weight loss over the next few days. Urghhhhhhh!

Fashion Forward…

June 13, 2013 — Leave a comment
My pants are getting very loose!

My pants are getting very loose!

I’m currently in that awkward stage where my clothes are just a little too big but the next size down is just a little too tight.  I am currently wearing a 38 waist pant.  I’m actually closer to a 36 waist now, but it is just a bit too snug for my comfort.  I’m pretty confident that by the end of the month I may be fitting to my 36s.  I stored them all away knowing that I would get back into them.  Um, that was over two years ago!  The truth is that my normal waist is a 32.  Somewhere in a storage box I have my 32s, 34s and 36s.  I shouldn’t have to go buying clothes until some time in the near future.  I say I shouldn’t have too, but I will…like I did yesterday.  In all fairness to me, I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s that expired to today, so I had to go shopping.  Hey, 30% off is a big deal.  It would almost be a sin not to take advantage of it. Right?

My closet is an ocean of dark colors heavily weighted with black.

My closet is an ocean of dark colors heavily weighted with black.

So I went to Khol’s and bought a few things.  A few pairs of shorts and a couple of colorful T-shirts.  Well, colorful for me that is.  I admit, I’m a “black” man.  Thin or fat, I have always liked wearing the color black.  Black is always in fashion and it always leans towards the air of dressy to matter what the cut.  My closet is an ocean of dark colors heavily weighted with black.  Anyway, back to shopping…I looked around and I found my eye being drawn to some colors…like a muted salmon color.  Okay other guys would say orange, but I’m a graphic designer here folks…correct color identification is my life!  So I bought the “orange” T-shirt and another royal blue one.  I would have never bought these colors at 250 pounds.  I would have definitely felt like a Macy’s day float.  I know some of you know what I’m talking about.  The last thing an overweight person wants to do is draw attention to themselves.  I’m going to try to add more color to my wardrobe.  I know I wear too much black when friends comment enthusiastically that I’m wearing anything of a remote color.  I saw a very close friend the other day.  I was wearing a sky blue shirt.  She was in awe and repeatedly told me how good I looked in that color.  The underlying message?  “Hey Mark, you’re not  Johnny Cash nor a 75 year-old grieving widow.  Let’s lighten it up at bit shall we?!”  Message heard and noted.

In terms of my diet and weight loss, things are still going steady and strong.  I’m still eating 100% Paleo and I can’t say that I have had any glitches along the way.  I’m averaging 6 days of exercise in a week.  Yesterday I did Spin in the morning, went for a walk/sprint in the afternoon and took a walk after dinner.  I’m finding it slightly harder to sit still.  After a somewhat early dinner last night, I couldn’t resolve the fact that I would be relaxing on the couch until bed.  I just didn’t want to sit down after eating so I went for a walk.  I felt better after a 30 minute stroll around the neighborhood.  It just goes to show you, a little exercise can work wonders.

My first 30-day challenge has been over for just about two days now.  However, my daily routine has not changed.  For all intents and purposes, I’m continuing on with the challenge.  As you can see to the top right of this blog (as of 6-6-13) I’m keeping it going with another 30-day challenge.  This time I’m on my own.  There won’t be any coach and there won’t be any other people in the same Paleo boat as me.  It’s not scary at all…but it is rather quiet.  I don’t know why it seems quiet, but it does.

Do you know what’s not quiet?  Other people’s opinions about me taking on a Paleo diet challenge, or for that matter, my approach to getting healthy.  I’m lucky.  For the most part people have been amazingly supportive.  Friends and acquaintances have generally been waiving their banners of “GO MARK!” along my virtual route towards good health.  I know some people have been worried, quietly, behind closed doors about my somewhat rapid weight gain and my inability to get it off in the last two-and-a-half years.  They haven’t known what to say to me or they worried I’m going to get upset and hurt my feelings.  At least for me, this is untrue.  If you care about me, say something.  Don’t pretend you don’t see the elephant in the room (oh, maybe not a good weight loss analogy) But again, that’s me.

what_people_thinkAlthough I welcome loving encouragement towards health, I don’t give any energy to those who want to criticize and judge me.  I learned some time ago that people’s judgements and criticisms have nothing to do with me.  Their ideas, concepts, and view of the situation are all based on their experiences and how they see the world.  It’s their past and their interpretation of that past which moves them to making a judgement or criticism in the present–towards me or anyone else in their life.  I don’t own any part of that.  I’ve been a longtime believer of what other people think of me is none of my damn business!

I would dare to say that many people are similar to me when it comes to support.  I don’t require the people in my life to set off fireworks and hire a marching band for every accomplishment I make along the way, but I do need to be noticed.  I do need to know that someone is paying attention and they care enough to say “good job” once in a while.  It gets down to being validated; we all need it in some complicity.  What I don’t need is other people’s own self-doubt and insecurities wrapped up in a trojan horse named concern.  In other words, don’t come to me with concerns for my wellbeing when in actuality you are just projecting your own fears and anxiety.  We all know people like that.

It’s clear when someone who is really concerned for you expresses their feelings.  You feel good and uplifted.  You gain strength and you feel supported.  Their words aren’t laced with critical euphemisms.  Their comments are usually reinforcing their commitment to you.  Sometimes the most supportive sentence that packs the most positive effect is a simple “I love you.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that we are doing our children a disservice.  We strive to teach them right from wrong; to do onto others as they would want done to them.  We teach our children the importance of good manners, a solid education, and to respect themselves and others…but we don’t teach them to respect their food.  Respect their food?  Yes, respect their food.  What I don’t mean is that kids should have to curtsy to a kumquat or open the door for an avocado. What I do mean is that children should be taught to respect the food that builds their bodies.  They should be taught to honor the ingredients that sustain them and provide the building blocks that literally create who they are.  We are taught by adults to respect our elders because of the knowledge they possess and the years they have under their belt.  Shouldn’t we regard food in the same manner?  Shouldn’t we respect, let’s say, spinach for it’s length of time as a whole food on this planet?  Shouldn’t we respect spinach for its ability to provide us with superb nutrients and vitamins?

And for that matter, like a belligerent, foul-mouth person, should we not respect the foods that do us harm or do nothing to build us strong, vibrant bodies?  I think if we taught children to respect their food and what their food does for them, they would learn to take the time to make solid choices and realize that the food they “hang out with” is the food they become.  Respect themselves…respect their food…be a complete and healthy person.