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Welcome to June!  Hasn’t this year been zooming by?  It was a really beautiful day here in Petaluma.  It did get a tad warm in the afternoon, but it cools off beautifully in the evening.  I went to work early today and was there between 6:45am and 11am.  During those hours I took time to do 30 minutes on the elliptical and then go for a 40 minute walk outside.  I was craving the sun.  Vitamin D is so important to our health.

When I came home I decided to go check out the new Sprouts that just open up in town.  Their slogan is “healthy living for less.” It is very nice.  They really do make it look like a farmer’s market inside.  I came out with some organic produce, most which was grown locally.  The total charge was $9.43.  Much cheaper than what I would have paid at Whole Foods.  Although Sprouts has a very large meat selection, they don’t come close to that’s of Whole Food’s variety of organic and free range meat.  I like the fact that all the meats at Whole Foods are in the butcher section behind a deli case.  Everything is fresh and the amount you need is created to order.  As I saw it today, all of the organic meats at Sprouts were prepackaged in the refrigerator section.  Everything looked extremely fresh, but I prefer to pick and choose my cuts of meat.