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January 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

It is DAY THREE of my month-long (actually on 28 days) health challenge and so far, so good.  I think…

Yesterday was a difficult day…emotionally.  I have a VERY close friend that was recently diagnosed with ALS and her symptoms are progressing rather quickly.  To call her a friend is really a gross understatement.  She is my family and I love her beyond words.  It’s hard to focus on what to eat, or not to eat when someone you love has difficulty just swallowing. But my friend sister is amazing.  She is strong and positive and she is my hero in so many ways.

So back to yesterday.  I ate well, but I didn’t drink enough water…I also think I may be coming down with a harsh cold.  Everyone around me has been hit hard.  Today I woke up with a slight headache and I’ve been tired most of the day.  Sometimes it’s easy for me to stay in bed, other times it’s difficult because I am constantly thinking of what I need to get done.  Today I have surrendered to letting go of what I need to get done.  I find that in life, most things we fret about rarely need to get done.  In other words, nothing earth shattering will happen if we put something off a day…or two.

But on the other hand, life can throw curve balls at you left and right, and in an instant, the path you were on shifts dramatically.  Sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse.  However, I have a problem with the worse view.  And for that matter, I have a problem with the better view as well.  It’s all perspective and how you choose to look at things.  I could write on and on about this, but I’ll just say this…years ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and she had not spoken to her family in years.  There was a big falling out.  After she was diagnosed with cancer, the family came together.  They closed the door to the perceived impossibilities and opened the door to love…and life became amazing for everyone.  So can her getting cancer be called a “bad” thing?  I think most of us would say yes, but the alternative might have been living her life without the love and support from her family.

Wow, I have really gone off on topics here…

That’s all for now folks!  Until next time…go hug someone…

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