Hit And Surpassed…

June 29, 2013 — 2 Comments
Last week my Fitbit Aria scale emailed me that I had made it to a 30 pound loss! I didn't even realize!

Last week my Fitbit Aria scale emailed me that I had made it to a 30 pound loss! I didn’t even realize!

What a week.  I can’t believe that Friday is here and OVER already.  Work at the club has been dominating my time.  It has almost completely eclipsed any of my design work.  I had just one design client deadline this week.  It was somewhat trying to get that completed with so much happening at Healthworks.  The good news?…well, there’s much good news…but I’ll start with the big one…I HIT and surpassed my 30 pounds lost mark!  Yippy!  Cue the trumpets!  It’s so amazing.  It feels as though I just started this journey a few weeks ago.  In actuality, I’m heading towards the end of my second month.  I continue to eat 100% Paleo and I’m still loving it and not feeling hungry at all.  Occasionally I get a mini-craving for something sweet, but it’s not like before when I would feel actual hunger mixed with that sensation of “craving.”  The wanting of something is very mild and I know it’s tied to the bombardment of food images through various media sources.  I don’t watch that much television, but WOW does TV make you hungry!  I mean, we all know how television, through its incessant commercials, makes us feels like we are always lacking in some compactly.  Its messages are always conflicting.  On the one hand TV tells us that we are not skinny enough.  Then in the next 30 seconds it tells us to supersize our lunch order by getting two burgers for the price of one and a soft drink large enough to cure droughts in Ethiopia.  Let’s be honest here, our television viewing habits are contributing to fattening of America.

ON another note…this morning, in addition to passing the 30 pound mark, I also achieved my personal goal for this second 30-day challenge.  I lost an additional 10 pounds!  I love getting my messages from my Fitbit Aria scale.  A scale has never been my friend until now.  It’s like a little friend rooting me on towards success yet having the courage to always tell me the truth.

Today, at some point, I need to get a couple of pair of shorts that are a smaller size.  When I say need, I do mean need.  I’m starting to look like those kids that wear there pants in the middle of their butt.  I have to keep pulling up my shorts because they shimmy on down my backside.  I’d get a belt, but I can’t stand wearing belts.  Wearing a belt makes me feel like I’m being strangled.  They always seem to cut into me.  Just don’t like them.

It’s going to be a hot one here in the north bay.  In the 90’s and possibly above.  Lord have mercy, I’m glad I have central air conditioning on those rare days when I need it!  Alright, here I go now…

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