An Extra Boost…

June 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

It has been such a crazy week.  I’m been busy with additional projects for both my design business and my health club.  In addition, I started working out with Michael again.  Our first workout was on Monday and it went really well.  I did better than I expect since I haven’t been doing any weight training for about three years.  Time flies when you’re sitting on your butt in front of computers all day.

Michael gave me a list of stretches to do prior to my workout.  I did them about an hour before we met.  I can’t say that too many of the exercises weren’t challenging.  I think I handled them fairly well given it was my first day.  I do have to say that the split squats were particularly “not fun.”  I have never really liked doing spilt squats.  I find them difficult in term of them tiring me out very quickly.  After a set or two, I do feel as though my gluteus maximus is much tighter…that’s a good feeling.  However, the next day I can really feel it in my legs and butt.  I plan to work out with Michael on Mondays, Fridays and ever other Saturday.  I hope to keep this schedule for at least two months.  I know that this weight training will give my weight loss an extra boost.

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