It’s Day By Day And Baby Steps…

June 2, 2013 — 4 Comments
Down 20 pounds! Yippy!

Down 20 pounds! Yippy!

I’m thrilled to announce that I officially made it past the 20 pound mark!  I got my Aria scale this morning and it read 232.7 pounds (that’s actually 21 pounds, thank you)!  Soon after my weigh-in I received an email from Fitbit congratulating me on my loss.  It was a great way to start my Sunday.

I was then off to Whole Foods to buy my ingredients for various dishes I prepare in advance for the week.  Shopping is much easier and faster since I only really buy meats, vegetables and fruits.  I’m much more discerning than I have ever been about my produce selection.  For whatever reason, it used to bug me when I experienced people examining a tomato or stalk of celery like a CSI agent.  I’s think to myself, “Let’s go here! That tomato isn’t gonna start talking to you and tell you it’s fresh!”  Why did that bug me anyway?  It had nothing to do with me.  Maybe deep down I thought they were doing something that actually mattered.  Well, now I’m that person…well, sort of.  I don’t expect my tomatoes to chat with me.  It’s very much a ritual now.  I go to the market early before the midday crowds arrive and scope out the best looking and freshest produce.  I have even taken produce that is damaged problematic to the produce clerk.  He always seem to appreciate that I take the time to do this.

My golden beat salad tossed with a fresh vinaigrette, minced garlic and parsley.

My golden beat salad tossed with a fresh vinaigrette, minced garlic and parsley.

I came home and prepared my large pot of chicken broth.  I also grilled rosemary chicken, Japanese yams and roasted golden beats that I then cooled and tossed in a vinaigrette with garlic and minced parsley.

After I cleaned up the kitchen I decided to get out in the beautiful weather and soak up some sun.  It was time to get some exercise and so I concluded that today was a good day to start getting back into running. It’s been a really LONG time since I took to the pavement. The last race I ran was in November of 2009 in San Francisco.  So to be clear, I never really was a runner.  I would run every now an then, but running wasn’t my thing.  I used to run track in high school, but I was a sprinter.  I have big muscular legs in comparison to the rest of my body.  I can run really fast for short distances, but I’m simply not designed for long distance runs.  It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the challenge of a 5 or 10k.  There’s something about running a course and crossing a finish line that is extremely validating to the soul.

I'm happy that I'm getting back to running BUT I'm bugged that my earbuds won't stay in!  Lord knows I need my music.

I’m happy that I’m getting back to running BUT I’m bugged that my earbuds won’t stay in! Lord knows I need my music.

My plan today was to start slow and prevent any injury.  I wouldn’t overdo it because I knew I would pay for it later, so I ran a block and walked a block, ran a block…walked a block. I did better than I thought I would (self pat on back). However, I was totally bugged that my ear buds kept popping out. I snapped the picture in this post at the height of my frustration…anyway, I know that Apple’s ear buds are not made for jogging or running…so, if ANYONE can recommend a good pair, I would be much obliged. Thank you in advance!

I am proud of myself.  I’m doing well with my plan to get healthy.  Each morning I get up and choose to live a life of health and vitality.  It’s never something I have to do do.  It’s never something that is a must.  It’s day by day and baby steps…and every baby step of the way I take the time to be thankful for all the amazing blessings in my life.  This is a lifelong journey with many potential course corrections along the way.  At this moment. the GPS in my soul is pointed in the right direction…here I go now…

4 responses to It’s Day By Day And Baby Steps…


    i have apple earbuds as well and use them with very little problem while i run. i occasionally have to push them back in, but not often. i want to buy their new earpods and see if those stay put better since their more ergonomically shaped


      Actually Sara, I have the earpods and not the earbuds. I do think that the earbuds stay in better. The tapered design of the earpods pop right out…at least on me.


    oh and i have to retract my comment from yesterday. as a result of this post, when i went on my 8 mile run this morning, i was paying attention to my earbuds and how often i had to give them a little push back into my ears and it was actually quite frequent. i guess after 8 months of doing it, it’s just not something that bothers me anymore. but thanks for letting me know the earpods aren’t any better. i won’t bother buying them most likely. and, when you do find a pair that work and stay in, post a blog about it 🙂


    okay, so i stumbled upon a pair of earbuds at the store the other day and bought them as the box claimed that if your problem is that your earbuds fall out of your ears, then these earbuds are the solution. guess what? they didn’t lie! on my 6 mile run this morning i didn’t once have to push either earbud back into my ear. they are Skullcandy Fix. oh and the sound quality makes apple earbuds sound like they’re tin cans. the sound is amazing! they cost $40, but i found them at Marshall’s for $20. you can probably find them on amazon for $30 or $35…i haven’t looked.

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