Answer: Until It Doesn’t Work For Me Anymore…

May 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

Today was a good day all around.  As soon as I woke up, I was determined to make my first double workout day.  I planned to go to the club in the afternoon to spin for and hour, but also I would also include 30 minutes on a suspended elliptical.  However, I started my day working in my home office.  Between answering emails and scheduling meetings for next week, I started preparing dinner.  What did I make you ask?  Carnitas!  If you have ever made carnitas, you know that it’s a bit of a long process…well, it can be.  It’s not difficult but it can take some time.  I’ll put up my recipe in the next couple of days.  They are yummy!

On the way to the club to workout.  I'm workin' this bandana, okaaaaay!...

On the way to the club to workout. I’m workin’ this bandana, okaaaaay!…

Now back to my workout.  So, I made it to the club around 3pm and somehow quickly made it over to a suspended elliptical machine.  The club was virtually empty.  This time of year (when it’s nice out) and in the middle of the afternoon, is the best time to work out if you’re someone who doesn’t like crowds.  Although we never have crowds at Healthworks, it was exceptionally sparse today.

So I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I kept a medium evaluation at all times and I manually adjusted my resistance from 4 to 16 (max setting is 20).  Now, I wasn’t on level 16 for long periods of time, maybe 1 to 2 minutes, but I got there.  I’ll increase my duration over time.

About a half hour later it was time for spin class.  I was a bit tired when I started.  I could feel the muscles I was working on the elliptical doin’ a little screaming.  I just stayed focus on getting to the end of the class no matter what.  If I had to ride with little less resistance on the bike, so be it.  All in all I did well.  I got a second wind 30 minutes into the class and finished fast and strong.  It helps that our spin classes are incredible.  One of my spin instructors, Glen, is a fireball of energy and fun.  He loves to spin and he loves making people feel good about themselves.  He always brings a huge smile and a truckload of child-like enthusiasm to his classes.

Michelle (our club superhero) came into the class just after it started.  She walked across the floor and I could help think to myself, my God, she looks amazing!  There were a few times that I glanced over at her and was simply awe struck at how much she has transformed her body.  As she rode I could see how well her arms and legs have become defined.  No one would ever know that this woman had once carried an excess of 90 pounds on her body.

After class Michelle was nice enough to come up to me and congratulate me on my success for far.  We chatted about how when you start a diet program it can be so exciting and new; that it’s great to see yourself get to a positive place with all your hard work.  Michelle new that my initial 30 day cleanse was about to be up.  This coming Monday is my last day.  She asked me what my next step would be after the cleanse.  I told her I was going to keep on practicing a Paleo diet/lifestyle.  It’s works really well for me so far.  I’m dropping weight and it’s completely cut my hunger.  Michelle reminded me to be open to a possible time when maybe I need to “change it up.” She encouraged me to have a plan for when I’m dining out and when I’m at celebrations, etc.  She asked the question, “So, are you never going to ever have another potato chip again? Good question.  The answer is that I’m taking one day at a time and choosing to live and eat this way each morning.  My commitment is to a healthy and strong body, not a diet.  I will eat this way until it doesn’t work for me anymore, and then I’ll switch it up.

For Michelle, she loves the fact that she can have a single scoop of ice cream, love that experience, and not ending up wanting more or eating the whole carton.  This is a great way to look at living in the real world.  A world filled so many great culinary experiences.

For me, the most important aspect to remember about striving for good health and good nutrition is that we all have the power to make the choice to live a better life.  We can make great choices moment to moment–even in the shadow of bad choices, we can let go of the past and make good choices.  We can be successful because we simply state that we are going to succeed and take responsibility for all of our actions.  We can either create a story for ourselves that states that losing weight is hard and difficult or we can create one that says we can lose weight without stress, drama, or pain.  I’m going for the later.

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