Respect Your Food…

May 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

I’ve come to the conclusion that we are doing our children a disservice.  We strive to teach them right from wrong; to do onto others as they would want done to them.  We teach our children the importance of good manners, a solid education, and to respect themselves and others…but we don’t teach them to respect their food.  Respect their food?  Yes, respect their food.  What I don’t mean is that kids should have to curtsy to a kumquat or open the door for an avocado. What I do mean is that children should be taught to respect the food that builds their bodies.  They should be taught to honor the ingredients that sustain them and provide the building blocks that literally create who they are.  We are taught by adults to respect our elders because of the knowledge they possess and the years they have under their belt.  Shouldn’t we regard food in the same manner?  Shouldn’t we respect, let’s say, spinach for it’s length of time as a whole food on this planet?  Shouldn’t we respect spinach for its ability to provide us with superb nutrients and vitamins?

And for that matter, like a belligerent, foul-mouth person, should we not respect the foods that do us harm or do nothing to build us strong, vibrant bodies?  I think if we taught children to respect their food and what their food does for them, they would learn to take the time to make solid choices and realize that the food they “hang out with” is the food they become.  Respect themselves…respect their food…be a complete and healthy person.

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