Mothers And Chicken Broth…

May 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

This blog entry will be one of a more personal entry.  Today is Mother’s Day and I’m at spending the day at home doing some paperwork for the club and preparing food for week two of my nutritional cleanse.  Last week I made beef bone broth.  This week I’m making my broth with chicken bones.  The house smells of good, old-fashioned chicken soup.  Chicken soup and Mother’s Day…the two seem to go hand-in-hand.  Today I’m reminded of my mother who passed on 14 years ago May 10th.  The last time I saw my mother alive was on Mother’s Day.  She died the next day after battling a long illness.  Mother’s Day is always a tad bittersweet.  However, I’m was lucky.  I was blessed with an amazing human being whom I had the privilege to call mother.

My mother, like many good mothers, taught me from right and wrong.  She taught me to respect myself and others and pressed the great importance of always demonstrating good manners and being polite.  She always said that, “…it cost nothing to say please and thank you.”  The value of these lessons are immeasurable and have been the underpinning of me becoming the man I am today.

But it’s the other lessons she taught me that have shaped my heart and soul.  They have made me strong and allowed me to have compassion and strength in the most dire of circumstances.  I share them here is a simple, to the point, list:

        1. Always look at life with the innocence of a child.  Like a child, always see the world as a giant playground–endless and breathtaking.
        2. Choose laughter whenever possible.
        3. Open your home as generously as you open your heart.
        4. Always share what you have with your friends and family.
        5. Don’t save your good or favorite things for a special day.  Make everyday special and use the things that you love and bring you joy.
        6. Everyone is beautiful.  See the good and beauty in everyone.  Take the time to tell them what you see.
        7. Always keep a smile on your face.
        8. Never turn a blind eye to someone who is hungry, tired or lonely.
        9. Money can bring out the worst in people.  Never let it control your life.  In the end it’s just paper.
        10. When you feel surrounded by darkness, always focus on the light.  Sometimes the only light may be in your own heart.

Thank you mom.  I’ve learned your lessons well and practice them everyday of my life, and most importantly, I pass them on to the world around me.

I love you.  You are missed.

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