Oh No It Didn’t…

May 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

As per my normal routine…well, normal since I started this cleanse 5 days ago…I woke up and jumped on the scale……WHAT WAS THIS SCALE READING?  No, no, no…let me step off and try again…and again…and again.  Oh no it didn’t just give me that number!  I gain a half a pound???  How can this be right?  I’ve been PERFECT on my diet.  F*%!#ing PERFECT!!!

This small gain could be attributed to two things: (1) muscle gain and/or, (2) water retention due to excess salt.  I did have a grilled hamburger patty last night which I salted with sea salt…maybe too much salt?  Today I’ll watch my salt intake.  I really don’t think I have I have been adding salt in excess, but I will be extra conscious of it today.

I immediately thought to myself, “See, you shouldn’t be weighing yourself everyday.” There are many articles on the net like this one below that warn about the possible hazards of daily weighing:


However, I feel it important for me to REALLY monitor closely what I’m doing and how my body is shifting from day-to-day.  This helps me track how my body reacts to certain types of foods and situations.

Okay, day 6 has arrived.  Here I go now…

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